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The Art of General Contracting: From Project Budgeting to Value Engineering

Explore the fundamental aspects of general contracting, emphasizing the importance of project budgeting and value engineering in achieving successful construction projects. It will also touch upon the role of CAD design, site assessments, and the integration of architectural lighting to enhance the overall project outcome. Additionally, it will highlight the benefits of custom millwork, exterior siding options, and the precision of floor, framing, and drywall work in elevating the final results.

Our Mission

Our mission at DCNJ is to deliver exceptional general contracting services with an unwavering focus on professionalism, safety, and readiness. We are committed to setting the highest standards in the industry, ensuring that every project is executed with precision and integrity.


We take pride in our team of skilled professionals who are dedicated to providing unparalleled craftsmanship and attention to detail. From project conception to completion, our commitment to professionalism shines through in every aspect of our work, as we strive to exceed our clients’ expectations.

Building trust brick by brick in


The safety of our employees, clients, and communities is paramount. We maintain a steadfast commitment to creating a secure work environment by adhering to industry-leading safety protocols and ensuring our staff is well-trained in best practices. Our safety-first approach fosters trust and confidence in our services.


 With a proactive mindset and meticulous planning, we stay ahead of challenges, ensuring readiness at every stage of the construction process. We are always prepared to adapt to changing circumstances, leveraging our expertise to deliver timely and successful projects.


Through our dedication to professionalism, safety, and readiness, we aim to build lasting relationships with our clients and partners, earning their trust as a reliable and reputable general contractor. Our commitment to excellence drives us to achieve exceptional results, transforming visions into reality, one project at a time.

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