Architectural Lighting

Architectural lighting plays a vital role in construction projects, enhancing the aesthetics, functionality, and ambiance of buildings and spaces. DeltaOfNJ, as a reputable construction company, understands the significance of architectural lighting and employs advanced lighting design techniques to create visually appealing and functional spaces for their clients.

Collaborative Approach:

DeltaOfNJ’s lighting design process begins with collaborative discussions among architects, interior designers, lighting designers, and clients. They work together to understand the project’s vision, goals, and lighting requirements.


Lighting Design Concept:

The lighting design team at DeltaOfNJ develops a lighting concept based on the project’s architectural elements, interior design, and the desired atmosphere. They consider factors such as natural light, building materials, color schemes, and user preferences.


Lighting Types and Fixtures:

DeltaOfNJ selects appropriate lighting types and fixtures for different areas within the building. This may include ambient lighting, task lighting, accent lighting, and decorative lighting. They source high-quality fixtures to ensure optimal performance and longevity.


Energy Efficiency and Sustainability:

DeltaOfNJ emphasizes energy efficiency and sustainability in their lighting design. They incorporate LED lighting technology, lighting controls, and daylight harvesting systems to minimize energy consumption and reduce the building’s environmental impact.


Lighting Calculations:

DeltaOfNJ performs lighting calculations to determine the appropriate lighting levels for each space. They ensure that lighting meets industry standards and provides a comfortable and well-lit environment for occupants.


Lighting Simulation and Visualization:

Using advanced software tools, DeltaOfNJ conducts lighting simulations and visualizations to demonstrate how the lighting design will look in real-world conditions. This allows clients to see the proposed lighting effects before implementation.


Exterior Lighting Design:

DeltaOfNJ also specializes in exterior lighting design, creating inviting and safe outdoor spaces. They focus on illuminating building facades, landscapes, pathways, and parking areas, while minimizing light pollution.


Custom Lighting Solutions:

For unique projects, DeltaOfNJ offers custom lighting solutions tailored to the specific architectural and design requirements. They collaborate with lighting manufacturers to create bespoke fixtures that complement the overall project design.


Compliance and Safety:

DeltaOfNJ ensures that their architectural lighting designs comply with all relevant safety regulations and building codes. They prioritize the safety of building occupants and visitors by providing appropriate lighting for emergency exits and evacuation routes.


Lighting Control Systems:

DeltaOfNJ integrates lighting control systems that allow for flexibility and adaptability. This may include automated lighting controls, dimming systems, and motion sensors to optimize energy usage and user comfort.


Quality Assurance and Installation Oversight:

DeltaOfNJ oversees the installation of lighting fixtures to ensure that the design is executed as intended. They conduct quality assurance checks to verify that the lighting system performs according to the design specifications.



DeltaOfNJ’s expertise in construction architectural lighting enhances their reputation as a leading construction company in New Jersey. By combining creative lighting design concepts, energy-efficient solutions, and a focus on client collaboration, DeltaOfNJ creates visually stunning and functional spaces that enhance the overall experience for building occupants and visitors. Their dedication to quality lighting design makes them a preferred choice for construction projects that prioritize aesthetics, sustainability, and user comfort.

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